Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stop Wasting Time

As I begin my journey to promote "His Mistress or God's Daughter", it is so important for me to tell my sisters to stop wasting time. Time is an element of the atmosphere that is truly not promised to us. We only had control of the time that has past and most of us were truly wasteful. What if God says, "Based on how you've spent you time in the past, I will determine how much time you have left on Earth?" Some of us would only have a second to live.

When it comes to relationships....get rid of those that aren't profitable to you because it's a waste of your time. You know what I mean! If you are a dating a brother who clearly states that he doesn't want a wife...let go, move on. If you're wasting time with someone who spends most of his time with his wife and kids...let go, move on. If you're spending most of your time covering bruises and scars from the one you're with...let go, move on. If you spend majority of your time arguing and cussing the one you're with...let go, move on. Why waste any more time trying to fix something that was broken from the start or that doesn't want to be fixed? Why stay in something, unless God says it, that you know is doing you more harm than help? And don't lie on God and say that He wants you to stay because you don't have the courage to leave.

This doesn't only apply to the sisters, it's for my brothers too. Time is so vitally conducive to our living because if I am still living, I still have time. Nevertheless, I don't know how much time so I had better use the time I have, wisely. Umm! I'm the greatest advocate of connections. I believe that God makes connections to advance us and to test us. I also believe that with each connection I should glean and pick up all that is good and leave all that is bad. I know that all connections aren't for life and some are just to get you through the season or to your next season. So determine what the connection was for and if it's done all it can do, stop wasting time, let go and move on. Be Blessed

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Kid You Help Today, Will Praise You Later

On yesterday we funeralized my great-aunt. Although it was a sad occasion, it was a blessed time. We celebrated her life with stories of all she'd done. It was amazing to see people come up one by one and everyone talked so candidly of how her house was the haven for kids. As I sat listening, I remembered when adults actually took out the time to nurture not only their children but someone else children. Can you remember when?

I just wondered if my aunt knew that what she did on each day would gain her the highest praise and embed a mark in each mind concerning her? One of her grands even read Proverbs 31. How awesome will it be to become that kind of woman? So I guess my quest today is to just encourage all women to be the best woman that you can be by helping a child. We already wear a lot of hats and sometimes we do get tired but we must be reminded every now in then, "Don't get weary in well doing because in due season we will reap if we faint not!" Wear all of those hats proudly and remember even if you never live to see it on this side, you will be praise in the gates!

There are millions of children who never get the love that they deserve and need to be nurtured into successful people. So many are in homes where parents try to show their love by what they've provided and just like in marriages....that doesn't work. You can show me something but sometimes I don't get the visual unto you use spoken word. You need to say it (I love you) as you show it. Today I'm challenging every person who reads this blog to help a kid somewhere, somehow. They are truly our future and who knows, if you help them now, they'll praise you later.

Be Blessed
In Memory of Doretha Lott

Here's some info about the kids I've decided to help:
They attend the Stephens Boxing & Fitness Gym in Shreveport Louisiana. This is a place where young males go to learn to challenge their energy into something positive. The goal of the "Road To Glory" boxing team is to become successful young men who are disciplined and fit for the future and not failure. If you'd like to contribute to my choice call 318-286-5491. All of your donations are truly needed and highly appreciated. To learn more go to

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Joy of the Lord (Is our Strength)

Good Sunday Morning!
I woke up this morning grateful and thankful that the Lord allowed me to witness another day. We often take for granted the opportunity to breathe. Earlier this week, I experienced an asthma attack and as those of you who have asthma can agree, it's not too fun. I had to find something spiritual in what I'd experienced and I came to the conclusion that God allowed so I can see just how valuable breathing is. Because I know that there is so much in store for me, the enemy has been informed that..."No weapon formed against me shall prosper."

Now, I decided to grace you with this story because whereas I was fighting for another breath, one of my neighbors tried to stop breathing by suicide on yesterday. I first got mad because the devil thought he could send his demons this close to my house. So I prayed and now I know I must go into warfare for my surroundings. As I prayed for her, I was reminded of how awesome God truly is. Had it not been for the grace of God, I probably would have lost my mind this year. But God! So, I am praying that she and those of you who are going through grab a hold to the God that heareth, healeth, and holds us tightly in His hands. There is nothing too hard for God.

Yes, I can see how troubles can become too seemingly unbearable but thank God for the "But." Here is the "But"..."Cast your cares upon me because I careth for you." God cares for you and when you come to your breaking point, this is when you must pray. Some of us won't pray until we come to a breaking point! So guess what, we have them just so the Father that loves us so much can hear from us and know that we are still depending upon Him. In all that you go through in this life, you must remember my new and fabulous quote that God gave me..."Everyday is a new day to start a new life." No matter what yesterday handed you, today is a new day to change things. When we change our minds, we change our situations and maybe that's all my neighbor or your need; a changed situation. Remember that there is nothing too hard for God even if it seems too hard for you. You got to hold on to your joy! And you can find joy when you understand that if you praise God with renewed joy, God's joy will be your strength. Be Blessed.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hello all my blog friends. I'm back and I have more equipment to fight the enemy with. These have been some trying months for my family but I believe that in order for the REVELATION that God spoke to become MANIFESTED.....We had to endure some suffering. I must tell you that the WORD (if you hide it in your heart) will keep you in times of trouble. Some days, the WORD was all we had and just like it was with GOD, it was with us.

It had been our constant prayer that GOD would purify us solely and completely and make us fit to fight for God's kings and queens. Purification came with life alterations and though some of them hurt, they have truly helped. We figured that if GOD designed a special task for only us to fulfill, our suffering broke off some things and some people in order that we may conquer our quest to do HIS WILL. GOD is perfecting and purifying the SAINTS to make us FIT for the FIGHT.

So as some of you may be going through right now at this very moment, understand it's just for who you will become. The you that GOD is perfecting, is the you that will usher in a life of peace, prosperity, and promise. So go through and when you don't know what to do....just Praise GOD, Pray to GOD, and then WAIT on GOD. Before being allowed to grace your situation, God already knew and you should have too, that not only is HE willing, but HE is able to bring you THROUGH!

Be Forever Blessed, Danyelle