Thursday, July 29, 2010

In The Living Room With Pastor Danyelle (interview with Chaplain Eunice Johnson)

Hi Friends,
If you want to see a fantastic article with the first African American female Chaplain at LSU Health Science Center of Shreveport, Louisiana ...go to and journey over to Danyelle's Blog In The Living Room With Pastor Danyelle.

Out of all the women I know, this one particular woman is more than a dream to know. She is the purest example of Godliness and womanhood that I know. Mother Eunice, as I so affectionately call her, has been to me what Timothy's grandmother was to him. She has become one of my heroes.
Why? Because at the age when other women feel like their lives have ended, she shows you that it can just begin. With no career, no money, and no husband at the age of 48, she redirects and accepts God's purpose for her life; and this was the beginning of life. Go on over and read this article that I am sure that you will enjoy.