Monday, June 6, 2016

The Art of Change

Regardless to how we fear change, and are so comfortable when things in our lives seems to mimic our perception of good living, we must not forget sometimes change is needed. Yes, I am surely one who knows I not good with change and if the truth be told, I dread change. Nevertheless, I realize that change is an art and if you embrace change as an will never go wrong.

I know you may be saying, "How the heck is change an art?" Let me explain. When we experience change, we must be molded in our minds, transformed in our thinking, uplifted in our heart, and sometimes even transfixed in faith. See works of art takes careful consideration, special attention, and creative does change. When God users change into our lives, He has taken careful consideration of our journey, He's paid special attention to our gifting(s), setbacks, sinfulness, and our purpose, and He uses His creative mind of His Spirit to help us get renewed minds. Can you see it now?

Sometimes it takes a lot to embrace change, but oftentimes in our hearts of hearts, if it were up to us, we would never reach forward to provoke change. How do I know? I'm in the biggest change of my life right now. I know I need to change for my health's sake but boy am I struggling. I am watching God change the painting of my life and I realize most of all He is the Master and I am His masterpiece!

YOU ARE TOO! I believe that's exactly why the scripture says, "All things work together for good to those who love God and are the called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28) Nothing will ever happen to His masterpiece, that He is not able to fix; and sometimes with fixing comes changes. I pray this helps you to embrace the change or changes happening right now in your life. Be Blessed!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Hotel Hell

So I'm strolling and find my poem "Hotel Hell" that was written in 2008 and published on my blog in 2009 is now a television show on FOX in 2012! Hilarious!

Hateful, wicked, lying deceiver

Adulterous, backbitter, unbeliever

Fornicator, false prophet, you thief

You'll perish cause of your unbelief.

Whoremongers, murderers, and all

Judgement time you'll stand a big fall;

Some of these things we've done

Thank God for His only Son.

Just because the Son was sent

Don't think that your problems are solved,

There's a bath that you must take with

Special events involved.

Don't you Go there,Hotel Hell, Don't go there!

You must first be born again

And old junk must be put out.

After a dip in heavenly water

You can begin to shout!

Your body is a bottle

That is being refilled;

There's redemption in His Blood

Ask God to do His will.

I plead you not to turn away

And die in all of your sins,

Hotel hell has plenty reservations

No money needed;Sin will get you in!

Don't you go there,Hotel Hell, Don't go there!

Get Saved & Be Blessed, Danyelle

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Friday, June 22, 2012

In The Living Room with Pastor Danyelle and Author Michele A. Bowen

Hey Friends,

Today I am so excited to announce the release of "In The Living Room with Pastor Danyelle"! You can find it by going to my website at! It features Author Michele Andrea Bowen and we have an EXCLUSIVE announcement about her new book!!!!!! Take a journey to my site and read In The Living Room....I'm so sure it will bless you!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Meet Destiny Barnes or Destiny's Decison a book by Danyelle Scroggins

Meet Destiny Barnes, the grand-daughter of Pastor Louis and Lora Barnes (the founders of Faith Temple Cathedral), born to their only daughter who served in the U.S. Military and knew Destiny would be better off raised by her parents.
Pastor Louis Barnes died and Lora Barnes wanted to make sure that not only would Destiny own Faith Temple Cathedral, but that she would one day become the First Lady of Faith Temple Cathedral. So, she put a plan into place that require Destiny to make some decisions that could very well altar her life.
Destiny grew up having everything she ever wanted and the one thing she lacked (a sibling) was solved when she connected with two other girls, Stephanie & Sheila, who had the same thing in common (no siblings). These three young women formed a bond that carried them all the way to college and through the death of Destiny's grandparents. Now they must get through Destiny's fear of making the most important decision of her life......becoming the wife of Pastor Roderick Prince Strong; as well as deal with some challenging circumstances of their very own.

It has been said, "the decisions you make have the ability to channel and change your life", and Destiny's Decision proves this statement correct. Get ready for a ride of a lifetime when you meet Destiny Barnes in Destiny's Decision coming February 14th!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CLECO Power LLC and The Maybe

So I look at my CLECO bill and see an additional $150.00 on the bill. I call to find out why and find out that my lights were turned off for one hour and I was charge an additional $150.00 on top of a restore fee. Now, the bill says, "You may be billed". So I called CLECO to find out what specifies me in the MAY BE GROUP....maybe because you are poor, maybe because you live in a black neighborhood, maybe because you let your bill get turned off, Maybe because CLECO is ripping people OFF!
So I asked, "When will I receive my money back or will I?" And the lady says, "When you disconnect your services." So my question for the execs is "If Cleco is holding my deposit, will they give it to my children once I'm dead....because aren't I going to need ELECTRICITY as long as I live and Does my money that you are holding gain interests? And HOW many times will I may be required to pay a deposit being that ...I forget to pay the thing, or I just may not have the money to pay the thing when they want me to. Boy Boy Boy...God teach me how to survive on the daylight and go to bed at night. Can I get anybody to send me and Scroggins some candles and some money?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Could You Be Purposed To Usher Change?

I just had the greatest surge completing my latest blog. So many people are here living and existing and don't know why they keep asking God to give them life. So, it is my desire to help you find out.
There is a reason that you were put here and trust me, it is not to take up space. Find out who you are, by finding out who God is. You'd be surprised how much you will learn about yourself when you learn about God.
Go to and read my latest blog. Find purpose for yourself by finding God's purpose for your life. Be Blessed

Monday, December 6, 2010

Watch Out For Those Seeds

We must be very careful of the seeds that are planted in our minds by the enemy. We have the distinct priviledge to take charge over our thoughts; concerning whether they are good thoughts are bad thoughts. Our thoughts can take us on a journey all by themselves, but we must make sure that the journey is worth taking.

Go to to read WATCH OUT FOR THOSE SEEDS! It is an article worth reading and I pray that you are blessed by it.

To find out more about author Danyelle Scroggins, visit Author of Not Until You're Ready, His Mistress or God's Daughter?, and The Power of Pain, Ebook.