Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World's Aids Day: "Don't Do It"

I dare not let this day past before encouraging everyone to get tested! The best way to protect yourself from aids is celibacy....

Enjoy this featured poem from my book of poetry entitled House of Poems

Don't Do It

Queen, you have the sex machine
Cause without it, there would be just pipe dreams.
Just because you got it, don't make it free
Brother so happy acting like he on a shopping spree.
But you my dear holding all the hurt scars
Cause you used your sex machine like an open bar
I'm just rying to get you to realize
Just your face alone will make a brother mesmerized;
And if you really want to hypnotize,
Make him wonder what you got between your big thighs!
Don't go give it away
Day after day
And you think it's cool because you made a brotha pay.
Ain't a price tag big enough in the world
That could pay for what God gave to His girls.
Even though you got the sex machine
Sistah all you need to do is keep it real clean
And when he says, "I want you"
And you stand before the preacher
And say, "I do"
And then you let him glean
In your sex machine.

Be Blessed and always Be Safe!
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