Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CLECO Power LLC and The Maybe

So I look at my CLECO bill and see an additional $150.00 on the bill. I call to find out why and find out that my lights were turned off for one hour and I was charge an additional $150.00 on top of a restore fee. Now, the bill says, "You may be billed". So I called CLECO to find out what specifies me in the MAY BE GROUP....maybe because you are poor, maybe because you live in a black neighborhood, maybe because you let your bill get turned off, Maybe because CLECO is ripping people OFF!
So I asked, "When will I receive my money back or will I?" And the lady says, "When you disconnect your services." So my question for the execs is "If Cleco is holding my deposit, will they give it to my children once I'm dead....because aren't I going to need ELECTRICITY as long as I live and Does my money that you are holding gain interests? And HOW many times will I may be required to pay a deposit being that ...I forget to pay the thing, or I just may not have the money to pay the thing when they want me to. Boy Boy Boy...God teach me how to survive on the daylight and go to bed at night. Can I get anybody to send me and Scroggins some candles and some money?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Could You Be Purposed To Usher Change?

I just had the greatest surge completing my latest blog. So many people are here living and existing and don't know why they keep asking God to give them life. So, it is my desire to help you find out.
There is a reason that you were put here and trust me, it is not to take up space. Find out who you are, by finding out who God is. You'd be surprised how much you will learn about yourself when you learn about God.
Go to www.danyellescroggins.com/danyelles-blog.html and read my latest blog. Find purpose for yourself by finding God's purpose for your life. Be Blessed