Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Power of Love

The power of love is so profound until it not only break down the barriers of miles; it searches as finds the connection by which it once fell away from. Love is the saturating, intoxicating, feeling that goes beyond the heart of the mind and connects to the soul of the one who loves. It invades the humans life and deepens, reconstructs, improves, and renews everything and anything that has to do with love.

Well why is love so powerful and why is it worth it? It's power came from the deeds of the Creator to love a world so much that He would give His only Son, and then is spread and displayed by a Son who hath shown the greatest of love; to lay down His life for a friend. So then love gains power in that any display of giving has a way of generating a likeness to the Creator by which we've learned that there's no restraints concerning love. It's worth it because without love we would be lifeless, selfish, and without the avenue of reconnection to a Creator who created us to love.

So it doesn't matter who you are and how much you feel that love has let you down, remember that because of love you have the distinct priviledge and opportunity to try again. Let downs that stem from love are vast opportunities to perfect love, test love, and helps one to re-evaluate the reason that they love. So no matter how many miles, how many people, how much negativity, love never fails and will always find it's way to the one who loves.

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