Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hotel Hell

Hateful, wicked, lying deceiver
Adulterous, backbitter, unbeliever
Fornicator, false prophet, you thief
You'll perish cause of your unbelief.
Whoremongers, murderers, and all
Judgement time you'll stand a big fall;
Some of these things we've done
Thank God for His only Son.
Just because the Son was sent
Don't think that your problems are solved,
There's a bath that you must take with
Special events involved.
Don't you Go there,Hotel Hell, Don't go there!

You must first be born again
And old junk must be put out.
After a dip in heavenly water
You can begin to shout!
Your body is a bottle
That is being refilled;
There's redemption in His Blood
Ask God to do His will.
I plead you not to turn away
And die in all of your sins,
Hotel hell has plenty reservations
No money needed;Sin will get you in!
Don't you go there,Hotel Hell, Don't go there!

Get Saved & Be Blessed, Danyelle
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Death Cometh: Will You Be Ready?

Every television station shows of the death of the famous. I'm really truly wondering if it's the reality that no one knew when death was coming or the fact that death came that has people the most shocked. Well, hear the voice of reason that says....death will come to each of us whether famous or never known. I am most certainly surprised when I watch the response of the death of someone with cancer versus someone who just drops their shell. It's like the cancer became the warning that death was soon to come and because of the warning, people are able to except it.

I'm blogging this today because I need you to understand that for you sake, know that no one knows when death will come to them. If we did we'd be able to live any kind of way and repent the second before death came and still be able to live again. In what we view as a perfect world this would be great but not so. We must not take advantage of the fact that God has given us right now. Life is so rewarding when we take advantage of the opportunity to consider that it is a gift and when we seek the giver of the gift, we better understand that our lives were meant to bring God glory.

Whether death comes by warning or quick, the question that truly and always matter and remain is...."Were they saved?" This word saved is a strange word with a tremendous matter. To church folks it means...did they go to church, but to real folks it means...did they get a chance to know their Creator, seek Him, know their purpose of life given by Him, and regard Him as the true and living Savior of the World.

I've had my chance to be around the saved and unsaved and I say to them both....CHANGE. To the saved we must remember to always guard our souls for an awakening enemy (sickness, hatred, sin, etc) seeks to steal or joys and belief. We must not allow the things around us to shatter the reality that when and if we drop our shells, our soul has a home not made by man's hands eternal in the heavens and the life we lived will and shall be the purest example of how God intended man to love, live, give, and grow. To the unsaved I ask...just what if you have the opportunity to live again? Just what if your belief in Jesus Christ is the one and only belief that will save you from an eternal destruction? Just what if God is truly real? Just what if there is a pit that will burn with fire that is the resting place of those who aren't saved? What if you allow the what if to penetrate your heart and you decide today to embrace the reality that God is real, He sent His son Jesus, God raised Jesus from the dead, and because of your confession by mouth and the belief in your shall be saved? Just what if it is my purpose to offer you what could be your last opportunity to believe and confess and you except it not, and die the next second? Just what if you except it and still die the next second? You'll never know until death comes and the saddest thing about death is that you can't come back to warn others.

Be Blessed

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Know What You're Asking For

I had to go to a church Friday night for a first lady night! It was so nice but the truth is, being a first lady is a hard job. Whether you are Michelle Obama or Danyelle Scroggins, if you have the title of first have a job. I know women who would love to be married to a preacher or a man of true distinction. Sometimes I wonder if they really knew what it was they were asking for.

I'm referring to the looking pretty at all times, going when you don't want to, socializing with people whom you wouldn't care if you've never met, saying "Yes", when you really want to say "Heck No", and oh how the list goes on. There is nothing easy about being the first lady of anything whether it's an official office or a church. You are truly required to do so much because to whom much is given, much is required.

Unfortunately, this is true in anything you're asking for. You had better know what it is you want and research the work that it involves. The old folks use to say, "Anything worth having is worth working for." Simply means that is you work for it you can have it and if it becomes yours, you have no choice but to work it. So to all of you who have gained husbands that require you to be his partner in every sense of the hard because if you don't, some jill come lately will be more than happy to take your place.

My prayers go out to all the First Ladies in the world. May God bless you richly and remember that your good works were already predestined by God that you should walk in them. And always keep 1 Corinthians 15:58 somewhere visible. Love you all

Be Blessed Danyelle