Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I know just when you thought you knew where I was going by the title, you'll see you didn't have a clue. Most of you think I'm talking about the sisters you gained by the parental structures and participants that God gave you at birth but unfortunately not so. Those, you didn't get to choose but the God Given Sisters that I'm talking about are the ones that God put in place and you just happen to choose His will, and in His will came sisters who are with you through thick and thin.I had the distinc opportunity this past weekend of bonding with a few women who God purposely set in my path to become my sisters.

There is nothing like conversing with someone who you don't feel an inch of envy towards or vice-versa. Someone with whom you can share all of your dirty secrets and never regret it. Someone who you can share what God is birthing through you and they're happy and ready to pray. This by far was so fantastic for me and I encourage you sisters out there to embrace your "God Given Sisters"! Just being in the company of these women made me forget about all the pitfalls with bad girlfriends I've had.

You know haters are born everyday but there's nothing like a woman who knows who she is in Christ and where she's going, and knows that no man or woman can stop her. So to all you sisters out there, know who you are so you can be the backbone for your God Given Sisters.

I love all of my "God Given Sisters", you know who you are and if there is anything that I can do for you, with God as my will be done.Be Blessed Danyelle

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How To Be Found

In "Not Until You’re Ready" I go through great lengths to establish the fact that women are not the finders but the ones who are suppose to be found. Nevertheless, this has seemingly be the number one unanswered mystical problem. In the corners of their minds, women are swamped with the question, "How can I be found?" So again here comes Pastor Danyelle to the rescue!

How often do you go to your church? Every Sunday? How often do you go to your job? Every day? How many times have you actually gone on a true vacation during your vacation from the job? See, this is where the problem is. So often Daughters of God your routine never changes. Didn’t Jesus change His routine every now in then? Remember in the New Testament when He used a boat one time, then He walked on water another time, then He rode in a donkey one time, and He walked several times. But get this, every time He changed His routine, He’d eventually glide along the path where someone was in need of His services. Think about it....if He would have stayed on the same path the whole time, He’d never been in the crowd just a touch away from the women with the issue of blood while on his way to raise Jairus’ daughter from the dead, He’d never seen four fishermen He called to be His very on disciples, or get this, He would have never seen Zacchaeus up in the sycamore tree.

Let me bring this even closer, If Ruth hadn’t never followed Naomi to her home, she would have never been gleaning in Boaz field. The man who later became her man and showed the kinsmen redeemer at work. So all I’m trying to say ladies is...MOVE AROUND! You can not expect to be found if there is no one available to find you. What am I saying? You’ve been in the same church all of your life, all the men are married, you’d really prefer to be found by a godly man who already attends service.....well, why don’t you visit other churches every now and again. I know you love your pastor and your church but just maybe your man is waiting on you to walk through the doors of His church because like you, he desires a woman that’s already attending church.

If you’re on vacation from your job, why don’t you take a vacation? You keep traveling in the same circles and sitting in the same place so, how can you be found? A woman that’s desiring to be found has enough sense to realize that her circle hasn’t yielded anything new. Why waste your time hoping that "Mr. It" gets a divorce from his wife? You’ve heard he’s having problems so you’re going to hold up your life waiting for a marriage that might not ever dissolve to dissolve. Get real sister. Get your butt up and MOVE AROUND!

Faith without works is dead. Work out your own faith by knowing that just because a husband is what you desire, God is going to give him. Then show God that you trust Him and His word by getting you together. Whatever is holding you back from getting in that find position, this is the time to get it right. Could it be that God already has him waiting on you and you are your very own holdup.

Let go of that past stuff and get ready, get ready, get ready! As the acclaimed Bishop TD Jakes would say. Now plan your next vacation, and get up and go to the Wal-mart thirty miles away. It won’t hurt the drive will do you some good. Go to visit other churches there just might be a Word and a Man waiting there for you. But please remember it’s "Not Until You’re Ready."
Co-Pastor Danyelle Scroggins is the assistant pastor at New Vessels Ministries. She’s also the author of "Not Until You’re Ready".

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Romance the Right Way!

I had the distinc priviledge of chattering with some Christian women about marriage the other day. Some were really frustrated that their marriages never compared to the marriages they read about in romance novels or Christian fiction books. Today, most Christian authors are really dealing with real life circumstances and situations and I say, "Hats Off!!!" As a author, when the notion to write is made manifest and I begin to type away, I often think what affect will this writing have on the reader. So many women are reading and so many are wishing that their relationships would resemble those in the books....but they rally do.

Now the question is....Can they? Can a Christian marriage be filled with romance? Of course my answer is "certainly", but sometimes this requires more work on the woman's behalf. Yeah! Yeah! I know your saying, "But I'm tired, that's the only way I get romance....if I initiate it." Well, do you want it? It shouldn't matter who initiates it, just as long as your partner participates.

I've talked to many women who are Christians who've had affairs outside of their marriages. I ask the same question....."Couldn't you be getting that at home"? And I recieve the same answer...."Yes, but I'm tired of being the one with the great ideas". Well look at it this way...Even when you're cheating, as the woman you are probably the one who puts on a teddy. You are the one who cooks a delicate, delicious meal. You are probably the one who packs the candles although he has packed the wine. So as you see, it still takes effort. But isn't it amazing how when you are cheating, you rally need all the other stuff. That's because sin is so over-rated. There is just so much hype when you are sneaking around hiding....but guess what? You can't hide from God.

I think I'd rather ignite that same type of hype in my own marriage and be found righteous before God, than to risk being romanced by another man that's not my husband and dying on the way home from the romantic trip. Let's be real... the protection shield around you becomes fragile when you live a life of sin. If sin separates you from God, how can you feel protected when you're committing sin? Remember ladies, God made you a help meet and you can help your husband meet your needs by guiding him sometimes. Make things happen in your own home, with your own husband. You'd be surprised at how your husband misses the teddy, the champagne, and the things you use to do before you got married. Always remember things will get better but, "It's Not Until You're Ready!"
Be Blessed, Danyelle