Monday, September 3, 2012

Hotel Hell

So I'm strolling and find my poem "Hotel Hell" that was written in 2008 and published on my blog in 2009 is now a television show on FOX in 2012! Hilarious!

Hateful, wicked, lying deceiver

Adulterous, backbitter, unbeliever

Fornicator, false prophet, you thief

You'll perish cause of your unbelief.

Whoremongers, murderers, and all

Judgement time you'll stand a big fall;

Some of these things we've done

Thank God for His only Son.

Just because the Son was sent

Don't think that your problems are solved,

There's a bath that you must take with

Special events involved.

Don't you Go there,Hotel Hell, Don't go there!

You must first be born again

And old junk must be put out.

After a dip in heavenly water

You can begin to shout!

Your body is a bottle

That is being refilled;

There's redemption in His Blood

Ask God to do His will.

I plead you not to turn away

And die in all of your sins,

Hotel hell has plenty reservations

No money needed;Sin will get you in!

Don't you go there,Hotel Hell, Don't go there!

Get Saved & Be Blessed, Danyelle

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